New website!

Now with fresh blog posts!

Seeing as you’re looking at this page, what I’m about to say won’t come as a surprise: I’ve got a kick-ass new website!

Thanks to Gregory and Lisa Thomas-Tench, and their team at Redwerks, the site has received a lovely facelift (and she’s had some work done on the back-end too, but a gentleman doesn’t notice that sort of thing). I can’t nearly express my gratitude to these fine folks…

While I’m trying to figure that out, though, poke around a little. This is just the beginning. Lisa and Gregory designed this site to be both user-friendly AND easy to update (even for me!). Expect big things in the next while: new blogs, tour stories, photos and video, maybe even a little new fiction!

If you’ve been before, welcome back — it’s a whole new world. And if you’re new to, well, I’m pleased to meet you.

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  1. Pat Russell says:

    I have no idea if I can just write to you on this blog but wanted to say that I read Before I Wake the other day and it was excellent. Read it the whole day and finished that evening, crying at the ending.
    Loved the book, am going to get others you wrote and just wanted to tell you that. Keep on writing.

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