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Living beyond 140

I posted the photo above on Facebook and Twitter this morning, more as a message to myself than any sort of external communication. As if to say, “Okay, it’s time.” And it is. Well past, in fact. I started ostensibly …

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An answer

I received a question on Twitter the other day, and I thought, rather than cramming it into 140 characters, I would answer it here. The question was: “how long did it take you to write Before I Wake, and was …

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I was thinking about it this morning, and I realized something: October is probably my favourite month. Sure, November has my birthday, and I’m as fond of May as the next fellow with a spring in his heart, but October…October …

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There’s a longer post coming soon, with links to all sorts of neat on-line stuff I’ve been doing (and have had done to me), as well as one talking about touring and Toronto and general surreality. They’re coming. I swear. …

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CBC Radio, Monday November 1

Just a quick heads-up: at 4 pm (PDT), Monday November 1, I’ll be on CBC Radio’s All Points West, talking with Jo-Ann Roberts about Bedtime Story on the eve of its publication. If you’re not within transponder reach, you can …

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On pageants and popularity

I did something last week that I felt… dirty and a little ashamed of, even as I was doing it. I didn’t let the vague sense of shame stop me, naturally. But I had a realization today. Last week (okay, …

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It’s not semantics

I’m writing this from a hotel room in Seattle, on a grey and stormy morning. The first mainstream review of Bedtime Story just popped into my google alerts, from the Victoria Times Colonist. Overall, I’m very pleased. What pleases me …

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Words of advice from a questionable source

I leave tomorrow morning for Vancouver. For the first time ever, I’m going to be appearing at one of Canada’s major writer’s festivals, the Vancouver International Writer’s Festival. I’m appearing at an event entitled Suffer the Little Children on Wednesday, …

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New website!

Now with fresh blog posts! Seeing as you’re looking at this page, what I’m about to say won’t come as a surprise: I’ve got a kick-ass new website! Thanks to Gregory and Lisa Thomas-Tench, and their team at Redwerks, the …

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The universe, she is funny

So, Friday’s mail brought ARCs of Bedtime Story. And today’s mailbag brought this: What, Rob? A new book deal? How is it we haven’t heard anything about this? Well, you will. Soon.

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